Heal the Witch Wound –


Sometimes it’s better to fight your saints
and get roaringly drunk with your demons.

Devils can teach you the humbleness
holy men like to hide their arrogance in.

Light is found in shadows
just as often
as light blinds us from the darkness behind it.

Choosing sides is futile.

Only by accepting our duality
can we achieve unity.

Only by brewing the witches brew
are we able to surrender to the tree of life.

No longer will we be fooled by the positive only
as it can not live without its evil twin.

Ignoring fear is feeding it.
Forcing light will make it dim.


Dance, scream, and cry with your demons.
Serve them another pint of lager
just as much as you sleep tenderly and drunk on love
with your chosen saints.

Don’t be fooled by the ones disguising themselves as saviors.
They’re likely to be the ones carrying out the agenda you fear.

Good will never point its finger at the dark,
it knows that casting light can only create more shadows.

Don’t blame life for being life.
Don’t blame yourself for living.

Guilt and shame are enemies
that can only be disarmed by love.




Be a soldier of tenderness by day
and a disciple of mischief by night.


Dance, dance, love, question, and doubt.

Dance, dance, darling.


Spin your head until you lose it
and then find it back again.


Dance, dance, to the majestic madness of your sanity.


Dance, dance

Heal the Witch Wound.

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