FRANCE 1978 – BASED IN AMSTERDAM | Raised in a family of artists, musicians and humanitarian activists, his social engagement and passion for art were nurtured from a young age. After graduating cum laude at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht in 2002, mastering Monumental Art and cinematography, Alexander travelled a significant part of the world as a cameraman covering journalistic events varying from wars and natural disasters to human interest and music documentaries.



The vast array of intellectual riches he brought back from his travels inspired a versatile and deeply layered artistic oeuvre.

Not fearing to use any creative tool available to best convey a story, his art and exhibitions soon became renowned for touching and moving an audience to tears.



Alexander’s endeavours were nominated and awarded in multiple disciplines, and collectors in several countries own and cherish his art.

'As an artist, I think you should be an activist: an esthetic journalist, a philosopher, a wanderer. Art, to me, is a tool to investigate ourselves, our community, and our connection to the things in life our minds cannot explain. Art is an ongoing quest in which we should never want to look for answers but rather keep questioning what we believe to be true and rational, so we can maintain the magic of our imagination and the playfulness of our souls alive.

I deem my work as a cameraman to be essential to this process. It allows me to personally observe what most of us hear about only through media. I consider it a great privilege to witness these unfiltered realities first-hand before they get mangled by (mis)interpretations and often biased contextualization. In this purest form, they make up the best raw materials for my artistic investigations.'

'List of countries filmed in:

Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Liberia, Cameroon, Libya, Gaza, West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Japan, Ethiopia, Syria, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Finland, Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, United States, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Israel, Denmark, Iceland.